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      CVEES can save you money on motor applications such as pumps, fans, and other devices. CVEES can retrofit most motor driven devices (except air compressors and air-conditioning compressors). With VFD controllers, this gives you the ability to throttle an electric motor in the same way you can an engine. The motor can be custom set for the application. In many cases, motors are overworked causing shorter lifespan and higher energy costs. By varying the speed, the motor can be set exactly for the load. This can mean big savings on your equipment and power bill.


                                                                   We carry Allen Bradley Power Flex drives





                                                                               Watch the demonstration video.


                    As you can see, when the pump is slowed down, there is still sufficient circulation.

                             With the lower speed, significant savings can be realized. Another advantage shown in

                   the video is the soft start feature. As you noticed when the motor was started, it slowly

                             ramped up to speed. This can eliminate a lot of wear caused by hard jerky starts.      



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